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World Leaders Agree to Agree to Plan on Maybe Setting Emissions Targets Sometime Soon

Nov 17, 2009 by Tree Humper

Broken News

xin_152040601224298432511With the COP15 summit in Copenhagen looming in December and an uncertain haze hanging over any potential climate agreement, a number of world leaders have announced an agreement to soon agree on potentially planning on possibly establishing a climate treaty sometime in the relatively near future.

With President Obama making his first visit to China this week, the top two emitters of greenhouse gases in the world have pledged to “definitely possibly plan on agreeing on a mostly binding emissions target in the days, weeks, months and years following the Copenhagen summit,” a spokesperson for the Chinese government said.

A number of other countries have also signed on to the agreement to agree on an agreement, maybe. Germany, a leader in wind power and other renewable energy projects, has committed to considering the possibility of joining a climate treaty that may or may not be written by 2014. Italy and France followed suit shortly after Germany’s announcement, with an Italian government spokesperson adding they hoped to set a timetable to plan on the next meeting “soonish.”

In his weekly web address, President Obama stressed the need to combat climate change before some of the more catastrophic effects are realized. “Achieving energy independence, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and lowering our emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases are all inextricably linked. That is why I and other world leaders have come to a substantive agreement to discuss this issue again in the near future, with the eventual goal of possibly deciding on a course of action that might help. That decision will most likely come at a future summit, the planning of which we will set a date for when we meet in Copenhagen next month.”

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