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Go Green: Take a Low Volume Shower with Ed Begley Jr.

Nov 21, 2009 by Tree Humper

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3 Responses to “Go Green: Take a Low Volume Shower with Ed Begley Jr.”

  1. Gary Stone Says:

    We have a small office in the city and the electricity bill is insane. Tell you what, we have tried to turn off the all the electric juice sucking machines, but not really see much of the difference in the bills. But, one day our plaza electrician told me that they are changing all the LED light tubes outside the plaza. Those LED lights look the same as the old light tube but after that we don’t think we see the electrician for months until people complaint about other problems. We tried using the LED light tubes and we are so damn glad we did. We already have the electric bill saving to pay off the LED lights that we got. Awesome product!!!


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  2. Faith Foster Says:

    the great thing about LED light is that they do not generate lots of heat’*,


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  3. Pine Desk  Says:

    LED Lights last much longer than incandescent bulbs and yet they consume less power’-~


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