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Sarah Palin Rants Against Solar in Recent Intverview

Dec 5, 2009 by Jimbo Forest

Broken News

Sarah Palin says some well, y'know, surprising things in this here interview (Image: Mike Licht/Notions Capital)

Sarah Palin takes on solar in this here interview (Image: Mike Licht/Notions Capital)

At a recent stop during her cross-country book tour of ‘Real America’, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin explained to journalist Joseph D. Plombier why she was opposed to solar power… at least we think she did. To be honest, we’re not really sure what she said. Here’s an excerpt from the interview at CalFinder:

“Now, when you look at solar power, which I’ve done, I’ve, um, looked at it long and hard, I’ve looked the leaping moose in the face here, ya know, and I can tell you with, um, the utmostly confidence that what we’re looking at here is a less safe country if we install these hokey-pokey solar panels all over our roofs.”

Photo: Mike Licht/Notions Capital CC 2.0

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