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Earth Day Special: Recognizing the OTHER Enviro Groups

Apr 22, 2010 by Tree Humper

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bizarro_groupsIf you haven’t heard, today is Earth Day. It’s the fortieth one of these, or something, which makes it, like, a round number, which makes us, for some reason, a bit more gooey than usual.

Most of the major environmental organizations are probably rolling out all sorts of events and press releases and activities to celebrate and promote awareness (we say “probably” because we haven’t actually checked), but here at TreeHumper we would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to some lesser known champions of the earth. Much lesser known. Here is a rundown of some of environmental heroes working a bit more under the radar.

GMC Sierra Club

Unlike its more well-known and wide-ranging cousin, the GMC Sierra Club spends all of its time driving around in its namesake, stopping wherever an environmental crime is occurring. Its members jump out of the car and dole out some what-for before speeding away again. In 2002, they singlehandedly stopped the felling of THREE trees in the Pacific Northwest.

Sea Goatherd Conservation Society

Using guerilla tactics, the Sea Goatherds work tirelessly to stop the senseless slaughter of that darling of the ocean, the sea goat. What, never heard of it? Me neither. Well, I called them and asked, and they told me to fuck off.

Environmental Offense Fund

Much like the GMC Sierra Club, these guys just fuck people up who do something bad to the environment. They’ve been around for a while. Ever hear from the captain of the Exxon Valdez after 1989? Yeah, didn’t think so.


I’m not really clear on what these guys do. They’re rabidly vocal, though, and generally will not compromise about anything, so really, they’re Greenpeace with an uglier name.

PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

This one is real! Or it was, sorta. Some guy registered the domain name back in 1996 and the OTHER group with that acronym sued him. Dicks.

Autobahn Society

This group, with a history dating back into the middle of last century, drive around Germany really fast and try not to hit birds along the way. They are… mostly successful.

National Resources Defense Council

This group formed as an offshoot of NRDC when a number of their employees went insane with anger because everyone kept thinking their N stood for “National.” All of its members are locked away in various mental institutions around the country, but they write lots of letters on recycled paper, or something.

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  1. Jessica Says:

    Here’s an org that really takes your breath away. Imagine how diff car manufacturing would be if monoxitube was on the market?? It’s a tube that connects directly from your tailpipe right into the drivers side window so the driver can breathe in ALL the exhaust coming out of his gas guzzler.

    Check out our informercial on youtube:


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  2. davelevitan Says:

    Earth Day Special: Recognizing the OTHER Environmental Groups via @TreeHumper

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  3. treehumper Says:

    Earth Day Special: Recognizing the OTHER Enviro Groups

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter


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